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Yashtimadhu Ghan Vati - 100gm

Rs.254.00     Rs.317.00

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♦  Yashtimadhu

♦  It is mainly used in Kaas (Productive Cough) and sore throat It Improves voice texture and useful in Mukhrog (oral ulcers) and gastric ulcers.

♦  It also possesses property of wound healing. It helps to increase the appetite by facilitating proper evacuation of stools. Helps in delaying the urge to smoke.

♦  It can also be used inTwakvikar (skin diseases), Raktadushti (Blood purifier), Mutra daah (burning micturition)&Netra vicar (Ophthalmic diseases)

♦  Kaas

♦  Mukhrog

♦  Netra vicar

♦  Daah

♦  Twakvikar

2 tab twice a day.

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