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Swadistavirechan Churna Vati - 100gm

Rs.93.00     Rs.116.00

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♦  Shudhha Gandhak (Purified sulfur)

♦  Yashtimadhu

♦  Mishreya

♦  Sanaay

♦  Sharkara

♦  This formulation is very useful in chronic constipation, headache and collection of toxic debris in body. 

♦  Helpful in hemorrhoids, diseases caused by blood impurities, skin diseases, pruritus etc.

♦  Can be safely used in all types of patient profile like pediatric, pregnant ladies, lactating mothers, weak emaciated people, old age group patients etc.

♦     Transforms toxic debris of body into safe form.

♦     Soft laxative

1 to 2 tab twice daily

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