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Flucog tablet - 30 tablets

Rs.216.00     Rs.270.00

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Mahasudarshan ghan

Sitopaladi churna

Godanti bhasma

Flucog tablet is effective for generalized Flu like symptoms. 

It has optimum concentration of Ingredients

Its a well tried and tested preparation of expert Ayurveda physicians

It helps in releaving Fever, Bodyache, Coughing, Headache and associated symptoms

It can be taken solely in mild to moderate symptoms or along with other medications

It is completely safe and effective


Generalized symptoms like

Jwar (Fever)

Angamard (Bodyache)

Shirahshool (Headache)

Kas (Coughing)

 1 tablet three times a day at empty stomach or 2 hr after meal with lukewarm water

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